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Learn to Love Your Overlocker!

We're combining the ease of access of recorded workshops with the fun interactivity of live workshops to help you conquer your fear and learn to love your overlocker (or serger if you're in the US).  

As you complete each step of this course you learn to love using your overlocker to create many wonderful sewing projects.

We will guide you through every step

So many people find overlockers intimidating, they are mechanical, noisy and have a lot of knobs and buttons. But with our course you will soon be best friends with your overlocker.  We'll hold your hand and guide you through the whole course and share with you our tips and tricks. Sarah and Freya have been sewing with an overlocker for over 15 years and we have so many things we're looking forward to sharing with you!

This course is the perfect combination of theory and practice, we will guide you through fun, simple projects to put the skills you've learned in to practice. 25 recroded lessons are included as well as 5 live sessions, an exclusive community group and 5 invaluable downloads to support your learning. PLUS you'll also get 2 eBooks - "An Introduction to Jersey Fabrics" to build your knowledge of jersey fabrics and a project and resource packed course handbook to support your learning throughout the course and beyond.

The next course will run in September 2022

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The Projects

The recorded course includes these three projects to make at your own pace.

  • A Simple Cowl Scarf
  • The '3by3 Tee's' T-Shirts
  • The 'Edge to Edge' Cardigan

Included in the course

  • Three PDF Dressmaking Patterns to sew on the overlocker
  • 5 Weekly Zoom Webinars - Make fun projects with us live!
  • 'Introduction to Overlocking' recorded course
  • 'Make a Overlocked T-Shirt' recorded course 
  • 'Make a Cardigan on an Overlocker' Recorded course 
  • 'Jersey Fabrics 101' eBook
  • Course supporting eBook with five craft patterns and a comprehensive photo rich guide to overlocking
  • Exclusive community Facebook group to share your wins, ask questions and interact with your community

Five PDF Resources Included in the Course

  1. Parts of an overlocker quick reference guide
  2. Sewing perfect seam allowances guide
  3. Guide to fixing your 'Squiffy Stitching'
  4. Overlocker stitch record sheet
  5. Step by step Instructions for the Cowl Scarf project

Try before you buy!

Some of the course content is available to preview for free to give you a taster of the course content before you book on. Check out the course video previews now!

Twenty-Five Lessons Included

  • Welcome to your course
    • 1. Welcome!
    • 2. Download Your 'Guide to Sewing Jersey Fabrics' eBook
  • Get to Know Your Overlocker
  • Sewing a Cowl Scarf
    • 1. Sew a Cowl Scarf
  • Troubleshooting and Maintenance
  • Advanced Techniques
    • 1. Overlocking Curves and Corners
    • 2. Three Thread Overlocking
    • 3. Rolled Hems
    • 4. Overlocking without the Knife
    • 5. Piece Chaining
  • Sew A Simple T-Shirt
  • Sew a Cardigan on the Overlocker
    • 1. Download Your Pattern
    • 2. Getting Ready and Preparing your Fabric
    • 3. Attaching the Pockets
    • 4. Attaching the Shoulders and Sleeves
    • 5. Side Seams, Cuffs and Hems
    • 6. Attaching the Neckband
  • What's Next?
    • 1. So, What Next?
    • 2. Feedback

Our January Group Said -

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I must admit I did dither over whether to go on this course or not as it is more expensive than any other course I have done before. However, I cannot emphasize enough how pleased I am that I did!!! It was a huge benefit to me to be both recorded sessions and some lives as I don't live locally and simply would not have been able to do it in person.

— Liz

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This course was fantastic. I had made jersey clothes on the overlocker before but didn’t really understand how to use my overlocker fully. I now know how to change the settings for different fabrics and have so much more confidence when it comes to using the machine and problem solving.

— Libby

Artboard 1

Brilliant insight into what can be done on an overlocker with great tips such as quick thread changes, finishing off and securing chains and what threads are best

— Julie

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Two eBooks Included!

As well as the supporting pdf resources, you will also enjoy two exclusive ebooks, written for this course.

'Jersey Fabric 101' is packed with information about different jersey fabrics, advice for sewing and inspiration for projects.

'Learn to Love Your Overlocker' is the accompanying book to the course, with all the information you will need to refer back to, laid out in a clear and easy to read and reference format.

Find out more!

You will learn to love to sew with your overlocker by competing our new online course.  We will hold your hand as you work through three comprehensive recorded workshops, learning all the skills to sew your dream wardrobe from stretch fabrics.

We will host interactive Q&As, trouble shooting and live project sessions and be on hand to answer all your questions (even the ones you don’t know you have yet!).

You’ll be supported by expert tutors Sarah, Freya and Kim plus special guests will also share their overlocking experiences and tips.  You will also be invited to join our exclusive social groups with your peers to share the learning journey together.

Over six weeks we'll cover everything you need to know about your overlocker and you will make three fantastic garments plus a range of accessories you will love to make and wear. You will have access to a resource pack including an e-book containing your exclusive sewing patterns and all the advice and tips you’ll need in an easy to reference format.

You will have access to the video content and course portal for a full year, giving you lots of time to make the most of the teaching and resources and keep checking back as you build your confidence and skills.


Join the September Course


"I’ve taught hundreds of people to understand and fully use their overlocker, but when I first started out, I was rather scared of the machine and nervous that I could mess it up. Now I understand how the machine creates the stitches I am in control and I am confident about using every function. I can even show you simply and easily how it works too!"

- Your Overlocking Enabler, Sarah Laws