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Introduction to Overlocking

Learn how to set up and use your overlocker with Freya and Sarah! We'll show you, step by step, how to thread and run your overlocker, including advanced techniques like sewing curves, chain piecing, and tidy ways to secure your seams.

Learn to Love Your Overlocker

So many people find overlockers intimidating, they are mechanical, noisy and have a lot of nobs and buttons. But with our course you will soon be best friends with your overlocker.  We'll hold your hand and guide you through the whole course and share with you our tips and tricks. Sarah and Freya have been sewing with an overlocker for over 15 years and have so many things we're looking forward to sharing with you!

This course isn't only theory, we also guide you through a fun, simple project to make a cowl scarf and put the skills you've learned in to practice. We also have included 5 pdf downloads to support your learning.

Five PDF Resources Included in the Course

  1. Parts of an overlocker infographic
  2. Seam allowance guide
  3. Guide to 'Squiffy Stitching'
  4. Overlocker Samples Sheet
  5. Instructions for the Cowl Scarf.


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Fourteen Lessons Included

  • Welcome to your course
    • 1. Welcome!
  • Get to Know Your Overlocker
    • 1. Parts of Your Overlocker
    • 2. Threading Up Your Overlocker
    • 3. Sewing Your First Stitches
    • 4. Seam Allowances
    • 5. Finishing Your Stitches
    • 6. Understanding the Different Settings
  • Troubleshooting and Maintenance
    • 1. Trouble Shooting
    • 2. Maintenance Advice
  • Advanced Techniques
    • 1. Overlocking Curves and Corners
    • 2. Three Thread Overlocking
    • 3. Rolled Hems
    • 4. Overlocking without the Knife
    • 5. Piece Chaining
  • Sewing an Infinity Scarf
    • 1. Sew an Infinity Scarf
  • What's Next?
    • 1. So, What Next?