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Beginners Sewing Course

A condensed sewing course for beginners

Welcome to our beginners sewing guide

Introducing our beginner's digital sewing course, where you'll explore the art of stitching from the ground up. Our carefully structured curriculum covers essential equipment, machine mastery, stitching techniques, troubleshooting, and even buttonhole sewing. As you wrap up your sewing adventure, share your insights in our end-of-course survey. Get ready to thread your way to sewing success! 🧵🎉

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Build your confidence and skills

In this digital beginners sewing course, you'll begin to learn the essentials to make friends with your sewing machine.

We are passionate about sewing and have decades of experience of sewing and teaching under our belts. Let us be your trusted guides throughout this course, taking you through every step of the sewing process. You'll start with the basics until you know your sewing machine inside out.

Follow along at your own pace

But learning is not limited to watching expert demonstrations. We believe in the power of hands-on experience, so you'll spend a significant portion of the course actually sewing. We'll guide you through each stitch, from the straight stitch to the zigzag and everything in between.

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Make friends with your sewing machine!

Discover the joy of sewing with our comprehensive digital workshop! Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to expand your sewing skills, this workshop is designed to unlock your creativity and unleash your passion for stitching. Led by experienced instructors, this virtual sewing adventure offers a wealth of knowledge, practical demonstrations, and step-by-step guidance, all from the comfort of your own home.

The course includes

Guide to Sewing Machine Feet

And all the other useful accessories you will receive with your machine! Our guide show you the essential equipment you will need, and how sew different stitches.

Make Friends With Your Sewing Machine Videos

Unlock the full potential of your sewing machine with our comprehensive digital course! Immerse yourself in a series of engaging videos that will take you through every aspect of sewing machine operation, leaving no stone unturned.

Learn to sew a cushion cover

Learn how to thread up your sewing machine from scratch and wind the bobbin easily. Once you are confident doing these two steps, nothing with stop you sewing all the projects you like!

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Introduction to the course
    • Essential Equipment
  • 2
    Make Friends With Your Machine
    • Parts of your Machine
    • Close up of your machine
    • How to thread up
    • Winding the Bobbin Threads
  • 3
    Sew Your First Stitches
    • Sewing a straight line
    • Guide to Different Stitches
    • Seam Allowances
    • Troubleshooting Any Problems
  • 4
    Survey Review
    • End of Course Survey

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